Burma Road Ventures LLC

Venture & Strategy Consulting

The Burma Road connects Kunming, China with Lashio, Burma (Myanmar). Built by 200,000 workers through 717 miles of treacherous mountainous terrain, it symbolizes the strength of entrepreneurship, persistence, and courage in the face of impossible odds. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Chesley M. Chen, Chief Executive Officer

I launch new ventures and coach CEOs through tough strategic decisions. It's a long and winding road to get your venture from here to there. It's even tougher to get "over the hump."

I have launched, grown, and re-energized businesses in healthcare, life sciences, and other technology-driven industries.

If you want to worry less and move your venture in the right direction, contact me for a free upfront consultation.

Chesley M. Chen

CEO, Burma Road Ventures LLC